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Dec. 28th, 2015

Merry X Mas and Happy New year!!!

Dear Friends

Merry X Mas and Happy new year!!!
Wish you all have a great 2016!!! XD

Aug. 8th, 2015

Happy 8/8 day!!!!XD

Thank you for another joyful year, kanjani8 and eighter!!!XD

Apr. 12th, 2015

Happy Songran!!!

Songran festival already start today!!!XD


Jan. 1st, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 XD

Happy New Year 2015!!!XD
Thank you for the friendships.
Let's have wonderful years together XD

Dec. 25th, 2014

Merry Christmas to you all XD

Merry Christmas to you all XD

Thank you,  friend, non-friends, people who I stalk, lol

Wish all the best for you ^^

Aug. 8th, 2014

Happy eito's day!!!!XD

Happy 8-8 day!!!!!XD

Jun. 30th, 2014

Oricon doesn't count oversea purchase :(

That's suck!!! :(

Aug. 8th, 2013

Happy 8's day!!! XD


Happy Eito 's day!!

Aug. 6th, 2013


my twitter account is


Dec. 31st, 2012

Happy New Year 2013, Everyone!!!

Happy New Year 2013,
Wish all the best to y-all!!!

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